Please, Santa, no more turd polishing

The Christmas edition of The Big Issue carries a plea from its founder-editor, John Bird, for more clarity in dealings between the public and the state. In his editorial letter to Santa, Bird says clarity in parliament and on the part of the government is in short supply. Instead, he says

“One feels that turd polishing (trying to make something look better than it is) is being abundantly practised.”

Bird admits that he is asking for big stuff. After clarity, his list continues with requests for leadership, understanding, solidarity and justice.

You can’t read his editorial online. The point of The Big Issue is that you buy it on the street and by doing so help a homeless person earn a legitimate income. So if you’re interested, that’s what you will have to do.

In the meantime, I’m committed to fighting turd polishing, but if you find the phrase distasteful, you may discover a better one on a website called The Phrase Finder.

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