Business writing courses

Write crisp, effective reports, proposals and letters

Business writing, even more perhaps than other forms, is about writing for results.

    You don’t want your report to lead to a poor decision by the Board.

    You don’t want them spending twice as long as necessary trying to extract your message from what you’ve written.

    You don’t want potential clients to reject your proposals.

    You don’t want your customers or clients coming back dissatisfied or even crosser than before you wrote to them.

If you’re concerned that any of these things may be happening to you, if you’re finding it hard to write with results, I can put together some training with practical exercises to help you write more clearly, concisely and with purpose.

We start the course by looking what you are trying to achieve and how you set about any writing task. I can help you use your time more efficiently.

We then look at what makes documents, such as reports and proposals, easy to read. I can help you with the structure and presentation of your material, and in particular your use of summaries and headings.

To ensure that the course is tailored to your needs, we work on extracts from your own written material. The exercises help you focus on ways of making your writing clearer and more concise: using more verbs and fewer abstract nouns; avoiding jargon; constructing better sentences and using punctuation well.

For letters to clients or customers, you may want to adopt a less formal style as you are writing to an individual. You still need to express yourself clearly, and construct your letter carefully, to make sure you get the result you want.

Have a look at a sample course or pick the topics you’d like covered from my business writing modules.

“Rarely, if ever, have I had such a positive response to a training course from any group. They loved the informal approach, the way you were prepared to take on comments and the way that the material was tailored to their problems.”