Web design

Please don’t centre your text

Centred text is hard to read. I think many website developers centre text because it makes it easier for the website to work on different devices. When you increase or reduce the size of the screen, centred text stays roughly in the same place, in the middle. The page looks tidy, but if your words […]

What is a contact form for?

With all the fuss surrounding Facebook and the security of our data, it’s worth looking at a small part of the story – the contact form. Why is it there ? Many websites have contact forms just because they can, or rather because the person who made the site wants to show what he or […]

Another annoying website feature

Does your website have a large photo or gallery of pictures that moves across the screen every three or four seconds? If your site was made in WordPress, the chances are that you have what WP calls a featured content slider. And you may love your slider, but the evidence suggests that your users don’t. […]

Don’t make me …

I am driven wild by websites that force you to do things you don’t want to or haven’t time to do. No wonder so many websites fail. You want to buy; they want to sell, but they don’t take the trouble to make it easy for you. For example, I wanted to buy some sheet […]