Individual coaching may be a better way of improving your written communication than attending a training course. The coaching is tailored to your own needs and gives you the full attention of the coach.

If you know there are areas of your work where your writing sometimes lets you down, but you’re not sure how to put it right, individual coaching can identify the problems and help you solve them.

How it works

  1. We meet in person, on Zoom or on the phone, to decide what you would like help with. This could be anything from grammar or style, to organising and presenting information or writing tweets.
  2. We agree a plan which sets out what you want to work on, how we will communicate and how often, and when we aim to finish. It is important to have a timetable and clear objectives.
  3. I give you feedback on samples of your work and suggest how they might be rewritten. Again, this can be done in person, on Zoom or over the telephone in sessions usually lasting an hour, or by email.
  4. I devise exercises and provide you with written notes to help you focus on the areas you need to work on.
  5. At the end of, say, three months we review our progress together and decide whether to continue. When the coaching ends, you receive a brief report on what we have achieved.

Value for money

Coaching may be a good deal for you. For the cost of attending a one-day course with six or seven other people, you could have several hours of individual attention. You can see what it’s likely to cost on my prices page.

Get in touch

If you think that individual coaching would help your writing, contact me to discuss your needs.

“Your coaching was brilliant. It has helped me develop a more confident approach and a real interest in how we communicate.”

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Business writing

Web writing

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