If your written copy isn’t doing you justice, I can review it and suggest improvements. I can write copy for you or, preferably, take what you want to say, edit it and structure it, so that your words come across clearly and concisely.


Writing the copy for a website can be daunting, so planning is essential. I will help you plan your content. I will make sure the words you use on your pages, and particularly in your navigation, convey your message and make your website easy to use.

Brochures and leaflets

A well designed, and well written brochure can have great impact as you reach out to your customers, clients or employees. When and where you hand them out is up to you, as is the look, but I can take a critical look at the words and edit them or suggest amendments.

Emails, tweets etc.

Whether you rely on email or have shifted your efforts to social media, your messages need to be well thought out and carefully crafted. I can help you ensure that they come across clearly.


I have worked with people writing many different kinds of report; often on technical subjects, such as investments, risk assessment, market surveys and geological studies. I’ve run business writing courses for people in all kinds of organisations.


Sometimes a formal letter is needed to achieve the result you want. I can review the letters you send and advise you how to make them more effective. I have run many writing courses to help people write more concisely and to the point.


“Susannah has really helped us to tell our story in a simple and engaging way. We are grateful for her insight and expertise at a time when our communications are key.”

Content strategy

Website reviews

Case studies