Content strategy

I will help you plan your web content

If you’re planning a new website or want to refresh your online content, I can help you with your strategy. I’m not reinventing the wheel. “Content strategy” is really just a method of thinking and planning before you launch.

It’s so tempting, especially with a new website, to just get on with it, to launch the new site and then see what people think. The problem with that approach is that it is much harder and more expensive to correct sometimes quite basic mistakes once the site is up.

I can advise you on the steps you need to take:

  • defining your purpose(s)
  • identifying your target audience(s)
  • auditing your existing content
  • deciding which channels to focus on
  • justifying the cost

I would then help you plan the structure of your information and the main navigation. All this before you decide on layouts, colours, fonts etc.

A strategic approach will help you overcome the problems that can undermine your online presence. For example:


You’ve got far too much content, but people want you to keep the bits they’re interested in, and they may be senior to you.
Produce evidence as to how many people are using which pages and which pages get results.


People come to you with bright ideas and ask why you’re not using Instagram, Youtube or …
Know which channels your audience uses and likes.


Several people contribute content and there’s no consistent style or tone of voice.
Use a style guide and train everyone who writes content.

Content strategy is one of the topics covered in my certificate in User Experience.

“Your ability to step back and look at projects in a strategic way, including target audience, message and functionality is a really valuable part of your service and helps to ensure smooth running from start to finish.”