When information hinders rather than helps

Helpful information is presented in the order that suits the reader, not the writer. Too often, however, writers present information in the order that suits them. The obvious examples are where the writers are worried that they may be legally challenged and put the information of least use to the reader first. Have a look […]

Writing short bits is hard

“Rugby Union World Cup pull-out”, the Evening Standard poster said a few days ago. Oh no, I thought, which team has pulled out before the World Cup has even started? An easy mistake to make, and not much of a problem. I had several seconds to think again and realise that the “pull-out” was part […]

Good business requires human contact

Why do we tend to trade with our neighbours rather than people on the other side of the world? This question was asked in a recent documentary about trade on BBC Radio 4. The answer seems obvious: it’s more expensive to carry goods a long distance than a short one. Yet that argument has been […]