Write effectively online, from tweets to whole websites

I start the training with an exercise to remind you what it’s like to be the user of a website. We all know which websites work for us and which don’t. But when we’re the ones producing the copy we tend to forget what it’s like to be on the receiving end, so it’s important to draw lessons from our own experience.

As users, we don’t like reading a lot of text on a screen. Most of us don’t read at all; we scan. So I will help you structure, write and present your copy in a way that makes it easy for your target audience to find what they want, as quickly as possible.

We do exercises in writing headlines, summaries, links and bullets; all vital techniques for getting your message across quickly and effectively, and enabling users to navigate easily. I also remind you of the basics of writing concisely, with exercises in planning and editing.

I haven’t forgotten SEO. Thinking about being found by search engines runs all through online writing, so we make sure we’ve identified the words and phrases that people will use to find us, and build our pages around them.

“Brilliant. It has built up some confidence in my writing skills and offered good insight into the web writer’s role.”

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