Is your website doing a good job of promoting you and your organisation? Or is it becoming a bit embarrassing? Are your people finding your intranet hard to use?

I have reviewed websites for individuals, societies, businesses and public bodies. I can review your site with a sympathetic eye and suggest how you might improve it.

1. You give me a brief

Tell me what you want the site to achieve. Do you want it to be your main source of new business or more of a brochure site where people can find out who you are and what you do? You may also tell me to focus on particular aspects of the site that you know have been causing problems for users.

2. I cast a critical eye over your pages

Depending on how much money you want to spend, I will allocate time to look at a certain number of pages, make notes and then write a report.

3. You receive a report with recommendations

I will write out my findings in detail, what works and what doesn’t, and explain how it could be done better. My report will include recommendations ranging from making small changes in the words to deleting whole sections.

See a sample review in PDF


“Thank you for your extremely helpful comments on my website. You have given me a lot to think about.”

Sample website review

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