Cultural historian

A recently retired academic wanted a website to document his more than thirty years’ work as a museum curator, to promote his books and publicise his ongoing research. I drew up a plan for his site, commissioned a designer to make it and managed the project. The three of us – client, designer and editor – worked well together. I’ve written about the project in a blog post titled “Why do you need an editor on a website?”.

Public body

I was asked to review the website of a public body that was in a politically sensitive position. It had to present a new face to the public, and at the same time be easy for its members to use. As with many websites, it had grown in a slightly haphazard way. So my recommendations particularly focused on combining or getting rid of repetitive material, and making the look and navigation of the site the same throughout.

PR agency

This thriving public relations consultancy wanted a fresh look to celebrate their years in business. I advised them when they were developing their content strategy. My detailed review of their existing website was used to help the design of a new site and the result was a delightfully original look – nothing to do with me – with greatly improved content, for which I can claim a little credit.


A charity was thinking about having a new website. I looked at their site and suggested doing some editorial work on it before they comissioned a designer or coder to make a new one. I wrote about this in some detail in a blog post called What a difference “editorial” can make!

Media consultant

An ex-colleague wanted to change the focus of her website to emphasise the areas of her expertise that would bring in paid work, rather than the pro-bono work she had mostly been doing. I reviewed her site and suggested how she could reorganise and present the material to make it more effective: in particular, to list the specific services she offered and establish her credentials for providing them.

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“Susannah and I collaborated on a new website recently and she was wonderful to work with. Her project management skills were the glue that held everything together.”

Content strategy

Website reviews

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