Editorial training

Courses and individual coaching in basic writing, business writing and web writing

If you ever struggle to express yourself clearly and concisely in writing, I can help you produce better copy in whatever form you need it: in emails, reports for the board or on your website.

My starting point is your work and your requirements. I look at what you’re trying to achieve with each piece of writing that you do and build a course that meets your needs.

I make sure the courses are interactive. I use your own material to work on in exercises, so that everything you learn is relevant to the job you do. I allow plenty of time for individual feedback and for questions on your particular doubts or difficulties.

You’re encouraged to work with others in the group to foster collaboration and teamwork, and to practise giving constructive feedback. There’s plenty of discussion as I like to be challenged to justify my recommendations for improving your writing. And I’m confident that it will improve.

“Probably the best training course in terms of delivery, content and style that I’ve attended in the last 15 years.”

Editorial consultancy

Advice and help with content strategy, website performance and every kind of written communication

With years of experience working in websites, and a background in radio and television journalism, I take a strategic view of all your communications. I can bring an impartial eye to review your written output and recommend improvements. At the same time my experience as a journalist and editor means that I scrutinise text, layout and presentation in minute detail, to ensure that every part is as good as it can be.

I am used to working in teams and with people with different skills, mainly web designers and coders, but also public relations specialists and trainers in other fields. Our collaboration has been in many sectors, including financial services, banking, energy, and public service.

You can bring me in at any stage. At the start is often best, because so many problems further down the line can be avoided if you start in the right way. But if you’ve already decided on your strategy, you may want to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to help iron out any difficulties sooner rather than later.

“Your wonderful insight and constructive criticism played an essential part in our plans to revamp our online content.”