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Dear website, please tell me …

A surprising number of websites withhold information from users that would make them so much easier to use. And a website that’s easy to use is surely what helps rather than hinders a business. The most obvious information that websites tend to withhold is price, particularly when they’re offering services. I’ve been guilty of this […]

Web writing tips for the lockdown

Writing tips seem trivial when we’re in a worldwide pandemic. However, as many of us can’t work in the usual way, the lockdown does give us an opportunity to do some virtual gardening. So here are three tips for tidying up your website: 1. Cut the verbiage a. Take a figurative pruning knife to your […]

Headlines that entice

Why do people fall for clickbait? Unlike writers of clickbait – those sensational headlines that don’t deliver what they promise – we try to write honest headlines. But we can learn from those who don’t. If you sit back and observe your own behaviour, you get a pretty good idea why some headlines attract your […]

When instructions don’t work

Web writers are constantly telling people what to do. It’s their job to write instructions to help users to find what they want on websites. So why don’t web writers give more thought to the words they use? A colleague recently struggled with the instructions on a pot of paint. Yes, it seems we do […]

Reduce choice to increase revenue

How have charities increased donations made through their websites? Well, most made a start by putting a donate button on the home page and encouraging people to give by telling them what would be done with the money. But many have gone further and adopted a simple technique to make it easier for people to […]