Editorial consultancy

Advice and help with content strategy, website performance and every kind of written communication

As an editorial consultant I can help you with everything from content strategy to proofreading copy.

Refreshing or remaking your online content can be a daunting task. I can provide an independent, constructive view to help you see the way through.

You can bring me in at any stage. At the start is often best, because so many problems further down the line can be avoided if you start in the right way. But if you’ve already decided on your content strategy, you may want to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to help iron out any difficulties sooner rather than later.

If your website is being overtaken by the fast-moving trends in the online world or by the growth of your organisation or by a significant change in the focus of your business, or if it’s just not doing what it should, it may help to have an outsider review it. I will assess your website’s performance and suggest ways of making it more effective.

Not everything you write is online. You may need to write brochures, reports and letters to clients or customers. I will review your written communications. I can either suggest improvements or edit them for you.