Courses and individual coaching in basic writing, business writing and web writing

My courses and coaching are all tailor-made to your requirements. After an initial conversation about what you think you need help with, I take a look at what you’ve written, whether on paper, in print or on the web.

I identify the areas we could work on and produce exercises to bring out the ways in which your writing could be clearer and have more impact; in other words, get the results you want.

A basic writing course is just what you’d expect: a chance to go back to basics, brush up your grammar and sentence construction, and think about your use of language.

Business writing is more obviously adapted to specific business purposes such as writing reports, producing presentations or writing letters to your customers.

Web writing is, well, anything you write on the web.

The courses are fun, with plenty of discussion as I like to be challenged to justify my recommendations for improving your writing. And I’m confident that it will improve.

The added benefit of taking part in a course is that you’re encouraged to work with others in the group, which fosters collaboration and teamwork, and to practise giving constructive feedback.

Basic writing

Business writing

Web writing

Individual coaching