Pension fund team

The team that handles a multi-billion-pound pension scheme for one of the big banks has to report regularly to the trustees. The team leader wanted the reports to be shorter and more incisive, without losing their authority. I ran a half-day workshop looking critically at these reports and giving the team ideas for making them more effective.

Wealth managers

High-value clients who put their money into offshore financial centres, such as Jersey, need to know that they being looked after by competent people. So the wealth managers’ letters to their clients must sound knowledgeable and confident. In two half-day workshops, we went through sample letters together and worked on making them clearer and more straighforward.

Energy analysts

The challenge with reports on technical subjects that need to reach a wider audience is to make them understandable to non-specialists. I try to persuade experts, such as geologists working in the energy industry, that they do not demean themselves by simplifying their language in order to communicate their important messages. I have run many report-writing workshops for energy and mining analysts and consultants.

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