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What I’ve learned from the social marketers

Speaker gets off platform to sit with the audience.o the audience

The three case studies I’ve written about – eating more eggs in Malawi, reducing obesity in South-East England and reducing the demand for bushmeat in Kinshasa – were just a few I learned from at the World Social Marketing Conference last month. A lesson that came through loud and clear from several speakers was the […]

Whom did a wildlife trust target in their efforts to save endangered species?

Liliana Vanegas presenting at World Social Marketing conference

Several species of wild animals in central Africa are in danger of extinction, largely because they are being killed in increasing numbers for their meat. Animals such as monkeys, wild rats, small antelopes and porcupines are traditional food in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the tradition has continued as people move into the cities. […]

How women in Malawi were persuaded to eat more eggs

Boosting egg production in Malawi

If certain foods are so obviously good for you, why aren’t you eating them? This is the kind of question that social marketing tries to answer. By the way, I’m not an expert, just a former journalist who finds the topic important and fascinating. Putting up posters or reciting slogans saying “Eat more eggs” might […]