Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web (Chambers Desktop Guides)

by Susannah Ross

Chambers Desktop Guide to Writing for the Web (2007) offers simple and clear advice for anyone who has to write copy for a website. It shows you how language works and how to choose the right words, for search engines as well as users, and organise your information to create a site that users can navigate easily – all you need to know about writing for the web.

Will they get the message?

by Susannah Ross and Hazel Slavin

How people learn, how to plan programmes, how to interview – these are a few of the topics covered in this manual for makers of educational radio and television programmes. It is written in simple language with translation in mind. Although it was written as part of a family planning project, it is easily adaptable to other topics. Read more about the manual.

A Simple Guide to Writing for Your Website

by Susannah Ross

What’s so special about the web? That’s the starting point for this book, which covers the basics of good writing as well as the special characteristics of the web. As one reviewer says “This small but clearly organized book is packed with practical advice.” Read more about the Simple Guide.

Ten tips for building a better website

by Susannah Ross

Making websites involves three very different kinds of skill — technical, visual, and editorial — and the three must work together, which is why it is so difficult. I would argue that making websites is primarily an editorial job. So, to help make the case for writers and editors, here are my ten tips:


Where is the customer?

by Susannah Ross

Marketers are told to think of their customers, yet so many websites are all about the business or the organisation and the customer is nowhere to be seen. On a website the customer must come first.
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