Content strategy needs case studies

Case studies are a vital part of your content strategy. To encourage potential clients, you need to show them what you can do, or have done.

People who come to your website are looking for solutions. They don’t want to hear how brilliant you are; they want to know what you can do for them.

So to write a good case study, you need to focus on what you’ve done that will strike a chord with potential clients.

First, set out the problem you managed to solve. What was your client having difficulty with? What did the client want done? The chances are that other people will recognise the situation and want to know what you did about it.

Then comes the work you did for your client, which isn’t always the same as what the client asked for. You may have advised them to do something different from what they originally intended. See my post Good consultants may say No.

Finally, there’s the result: a testimonial or some other kind of feedback from the client. Leave it to them to say how brilliant you are. That’s much more impressive than you blowing your own trumpet.

Here’s a useful list of thoughts on case studies from Bob Scheier Associates, who specialise in IT marketing.

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