When the BBC moved online, many people who worked on radio and television programmes were unused to writing copy for publication. Up till then, they had written scripts for broadcast to be read out on air. Or they had done the admin for programmes, which mostly involved filling in forms. Now more and more people were expected to provide the new BBC websites with copy that everyone would read.

I developed a basic writing course for the BBC in 1997 to help staff brush up their grammar and sentence construction. Once it was taken up by BBC Training, it was open to people from outside the BBC as well and ran in much the same form for 12 years.

High street bank

Staff who handled complaints from customers needed to be able to write back sympathetically, but also clearly and decisively. I looked at their letters and emails, and used extracts to help them find ways of making their writing clearer and more customer-focused.

Travel company

The company needed to provide information in press releases and brochures that would attract clients. At the same time, they had to write a lot of emails with practical instructions and useful facts for their volunteers – they specialised in student travel. We worked together to prune and clarify their copy.

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