I provide a basic writing course that can be adapted to any business or organisational need.

The course will help you:

  • understand the requirements of written English
  • know how to make your writing clear and concise
  • communicate with your target audience
Session 110.00-11.15
  • Introductions and objectives
  • Written versus spoken English
  • Why are you writing?
  • What are you writing about?
  • For whom are you writing?
  • Exercise
Session 211.30-13.00
  • What is good writing?
  • What makes writing better?
  • Exercises
Session 314.00-15.30
  • Review grammar
  • Exercises
  • Review punctuation
  • Questions of style
Session 415.45-17.00
  • Proofreading
  • Structure and layout
  • Review course

Courses are tailor-made, using your written material for the exercises. To arrange a basic writing course, contact me.

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