A Simple Guide to Writing for Your Website by Susannah Ross

Reviews of A Simple Guide to Writing for Your Website

“Susannah Ross knows how to wrap up the main points quickly and simply. Then again, what did you expect from an ex-editor at the BBC? Great for novice web copywriters. Oh, and it’s cheap too.”
Alan Black, Blackad web copywriting, blackad.co.uk

“…great if you’re looking for a short and sweet web writing tutorial. We like this book in particular because it majors on clear writing. And we reckon you could get through the book in half a day too, which is always a bonus.”
TENFOUR copywriting consultancy

“A great practical little book I recommend to my students.”
François Hubert, Montreal University

“…an excellent and refreshing read. Excellent for covering topics such as grammar so eloquently, and refreshing through being a writing guide that is lively, informative, and precise.”
Martin Latter, CopySense

“An excellent, no-nonsense guide to how to write for the Internet. If you’re like me and find that writing less is more work than writing more, you’ll find this book a great help… The author is well-qualified, and is a trainer for the BBC. This small but clearly organized book is packed with practical advice. Get it!”
Marjolein Katsma, HomeSite Help Bookstore

“I was hooked… I found some of the contents of the book inspiring and the overall impression is encouraging for writers. I would recommend the book as a reference on writing whether the intention is to create a website or not.”
Ann Sundqvist, M2 Best Books

“…should be required reading for any web author. Almost unique in concentrating as much on the message as the medium, it is refreshing to find a book on web authoring that is not afraid to explain how to communicate effectively in English, rather than (as most do) becoming pre-occupied with the intricacies of HTML or seduced by the possibilities of graphics.”
Adrian Wheal, Director of Computing at Christ Church Canterbury University College

“…if you’re a writer or Web developer looking to improve your Web site with good writing that works on the Internet, this is the perfect book…it’s easy to read and follow. It has good explanations, including photos of Web sites and suggestions for how to improve the writing. This may be a simple guide, but with it you’ll have a great Web site with quality writing.”
Jennifer Kyrnin, HTML Guide at about.com

“This is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who wants to write for the Internet. Highly recommended.”
The Norwich Advertiser

“Even if you have a good grasp of English, Internet speak can be a whole new range of World Wide Words and polishing your website with a few well-selected touches of style can make an impressive difference. It may seem expensive for what is little more than a GCSE Internet Literature revision guide, but if you want to get top marks it could be a grade A investment.”
PC Basics

“Not only does the author explain how to write for the Web, she provides the reader with an understanding of how language functions and therefore how to improve the clarity of your writing. The book is easy to follow and tables and figures provide useful illustrations throughout … If like me you have previously written the text of Websites and sometimes wondered if your English grammar skills were lacking, or if you are preparing to write the text of a Website and need guidance on where to start, this is a useful little book to have on your desk.”
Duncan Parry, Website Editor

“If you are a complete novice Web designer and need a few pointers, this handy guide will help you understand the Internet as a writing medium and write for it effectively. You’ll be taken step-by-step through the writing process, given techniques for tackling specific tasks, useful do’s and don’ts, and a crash course in the basic rules of written English.”
Windows Made Easy

“If you slept through your English class at school because you figured you’d make a living from computers, you need this book. You can have all the Java and Shockwave folderol in the world, but if your website has clumsy sentences with incorrect punctuation and verbs that don’t agree with the subject, you’ll just look like a crazy loon. This friendly primer could save your web-cred.”
PC Format

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