Writing for the Web (Chambers Desktop Guides) by Susannah Ross

Reviews of Writing for the Web

A simple guide to writing effective web copy that will keep visitors coming back to your site”
.net magazine www.netmag.co.uk

“Best summary: Writing for the Web (Chambers Desktop Guides) by Susannah Ross (only available in the U.K., but it’s worth the extra shipping charges to get this book mailed to you from Amazon.co.uk, even if you’re in the U.S. or otherwise far away from London.) Ross manages to cover all the most important issues in less space than anybody else, mainly because she focuses on writing.”
Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group www.nngroup.com

“I really like this idea, taken from Writing for the Web by Susannah Ross:
Many people talk about setting up a website or having one. They don’t talk often enough about running or managing one. Having a website is not like having a book or a film to show people. It is more like having a farm. Anyone starting a website should not be put off by this statement. Websites require regular maintenance and care but they are, rather like animal husbandry, very rewarding.”
Leif Kendall, Kendall Copywriting Ltd www.kendallcopywriting.co.uk

“Writing for the Web is easy reading and good inspiration. I used it to break my writer’s block and finally get started on a company website. The book spent too much time going over the basic parts of speech. Being published in 2007, the book makes no mention of social media. Nevertheless, it offered advice that even seasoned writers should heed when writing online.”
Jerome in Good Reads www.goodreads.com

“Of course, the author discusses the usual aspects of Web writing: scannability (titles, captions, lists), metadata, inverted pyramid structure, conversational tone etc. But what makes Susannah Ross’ guide so useful and unique is that it gives, in a very handy book, a journalistic-based approach for concision and good writing for the Web.”
François Hubert, bilingual editorial specialist at Deloitte.ca webwritingtips.wordpress.com

“Susannah’s book shows how challenging web writing can be, and in response offers a well-structured, easy-to-read guide and reference. In a language-oriented approach, Susannah encompasses the many facets of writing web pages including attention to individual words, writing for search engines, and embracing a web-editing role. Additionally, she includes important points that some other books overlook or assume, such as generating ideas and careful planning.”
Martin Latter, Copysense www.copysense.co.uk

“… when I received a copy of Susannah Ross’s book, my immediate reaction was ‘yes, yes, yes!’. Here is a guide that encourages website designers and content writers to think about their sites from the point of view of the visitor and customer. This fundamental requirement is so often ignored, making visits to many websites a thoroughly disheartening and frustrating experience. If you are planning a website – or want to reflect on the effectiveness of one you already have – Susannah’s ‘Writing for the Web’ is in plain English and a must-buy.”
Ian Richardson, Preddon Lee Ltd www.preddonlee.com

Writing for the Web is an updated and expanded version of A Simple Guide to Writing for Your Website which also had enthusiastic reviews.

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