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Dear website, please tell me …

A surprising number of websites withhold information from users that would make them so much easier to use. And a website that’s easy to use is surely what helps rather than hinders a business. The most obvious information that websites tend to withhold is price, particularly when they’re offering services. I’ve been guilty of this […]

Is revamping your website like building an airport?

Not exactly, but what they have in common is that most building projects take longer and cost more than originally thought. It doesn’t have to be an extreme case, such as the new Berlin airport – nine years late and billions of Euros over budget – but even quite small website projects usually take longer […]

Web writing tips for the lockdown

Writing tips seem trivial when we’re in a worldwide pandemic. However, as many of us can’t work in the usual way, the lockdown does give us an opportunity to do some virtual gardening. So here are three tips for tidying up your website: 1. Cut the verbiage a. Take a figurative pruning knife to your […]

Beware a tangle of negatives

I came across this notice on a client’s web hosting site: “You have no renewals due that are not set to auto renew” Did you understand it straightaway? I had to think hard, but at least I was prepared for something like it because I was checking to see when the client’s web services were […]

When information hinders rather than helps

Helpful information is presented in the order that suits the reader, not the writer. Too often, however, writers present information in the order that suits them. The obvious examples are where the writers are worried that they may be legally challenged and put the information of least use to the reader first. Have a look […]